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420 Skatestore opened the doors on the first store in Weymouth in March 2015. Selling thousands of products from skate hardware and clothing, to streetwear, footwear, headwear, go pro cameras, graffiti supplies, skins, vaporizers and plenty more.
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Our Customer Reviews

Big shoutout to the Leeds shop!!! Brilliant shopping, brilliant service. Can't wait to visit again on our next trip to Leeds!!!
Ann Rittel
Superb shop !!!!! Great staff and everything you could ever need in stock
Adam Sharp
Bought few different bits here recently from Weymouth store got some great advice about products and great staff too
Ollie Cook
Outstanding selection of clothes and the staff were friendly and very helpful.
Tom Hooper

Key Street

Key Street | Jackets | T shirts | Hoodies | Clothing

Born in the Pacific Island nation of New Zealand and raised on a farm, far from the city lights, all I really had for fun when I was younger was paper, a pencil, my love of the outdoors and my skateboard. As I grew up and ventured out into the world of adult-hood I worked several 9 to 5 jobs in the city just to keep the lights on in my tiny apartment. I felt stifled and frustrated. Both by the tedious work and by the concrete jungle I was trapped in. I longed for space and I longed for a creative release. I caught the bus to and from work on a road called "Quay Street" (Key Street) in Auckland City, NZ.

I'd sketch ideas while I waited and came up with a plan to get myself out of the tedious rut I found myself in. I started making clothes in 2006 and eventually had enough traction to make it my full time job. I moved to America to further the mission into the world of street wear in 2008, and after a few years touring around, I found myself in California. Close to my beloved Pacific Ocean and close enough to the mountains for when they beckoned. Now married and with 2 children of my own, Key Street is as much an extension of me as the hands I use to make everything. I make clothes that I want to wear and I get to share them, my designs and this adventure I am on, with the world. Jaxin Hall Founder/Designer