Here at 420 we’re constantly updating and adding to our awesome array a skateboard brands...

These include Dickies, Converse, Canal New York, (New) Thrasher and Cortina Bearing Co.

And here’s a little bit about our new arrivals…


Dickies was founded in 1922 in Forth Worth, Texas. Originally known for workwear they’ve since transitioned into urban fashion. Their fashionable range of apparel features unique collaborations and designs that embrace the American heritage.


Surely one on world’s most iconic sneakers. Converse has been making Chuck Taylor All Star and One Star sneakers for over a century. Whether they’re on the feet of a ‘70’s basketball star in a history book or on the street with you today, Converse shoes have always signified cool.

Butter Goods

Butter Goods is an Australian skateboard clothing brand that is based in Perth. The brand is 100% skater owned with its roots and influence deeply embedded in skateboarding. Butter Goods takes heavy inspiration from music, those skate brands from the late 80’s and early 90’s along with some iconic fashion brands like Ralph Lauren, Polo Sport and Tommy Hilfiger. They are an international purveyor of street-ready garments with an emphasis on durability, fit, and progressive design.


Thrasher Magazine was founded in 1981 by Kevin Thatcher & Fausto Vitello, and is skateboarding's longest running magazine. Over the years, Thrasher has turned out countless issues and videos, and introduced us to CR Stecyk's now iconic Skate and Destroy logo.

Cortina Bearing Co

Cortina Bearing Co is a skateboard hardware brand producing high precision bearings engineered for the best performance possible.